Monday, July 12, 2010

Lock your Folder without Encryption Software

Are you finding any tricks that lock or hide your folder without any tedious installation of software? Then your solution is in this post because today I will show you notepad trick which will work as Folder Locking Software.
Step By Step Solution:

1. Suppose you want to lock folder Ghoomar (It is folder Name) and path of it in My Computer F:\Ghoomar (It is example of path in my Hard Drive).

2. So now go to F:\ location (One back step of F:\Ghoomar).
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Saturday, July 10, 2010

For me Personal Use:
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How to Create Batch file(.bat) in Notepad

I am very fond of playing Games so few days ago I want to start my NFS Carbon game but when I click on icon that I saw error that Batch file missing. At that time I could not solve it and I again reinstalled game. Then I want to learn how to create .bat file. After tolerating many problems I found solution How to Create Batch File. So I want to share with you how to create it.

1. First go Start >> All Programs >> Accessories >> Notepad.

2. Now type or paste code what you want in Notepad.

3. This is main important step. Now save this file as your name or what name you want. For me it is Shravan.bat.
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Thursday, July 8, 2010

How to View Removed or Deleted Youtube Videos

Sometimes you read any entertainment blog and in it small adult content of latest celebrity affairs or scandals or privet videos then we can see the videos of then in world's largest video sharing site Youtube. But sometimes we get error like it is no linger available this video or it breaks our TOS. So we are very enthusiastic to see that video but we can not see it because of the violence of Youtube TOS. So now don't be annoyed because your solution is here and it is this most valuable application "TubEmAll".
We can see deleted videos of Youtube by TubEmAll in order of category and uploader. It is completely freeware tool. It is multi threaded tool. We can view all the deleted and non deleted videos of Youtube and easily download it.
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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

How to Solve Computer’s Out of Range Screen Resolution

Yesterday when I connected my friends CPU on my Monitor then it shows that "Out of Range Frequency". According to me it becomes because of widescreen monitor resolution and the problem was that. I tried much more on the Internet how to solve this problem after all I found it. I think this problem become when we connect monitor to other. The solution of it is very simple. Just follow the steps.

Simple Steps of Solution:

1. While you start the PC and you can nothing see on display or frequency error in normal starting mode then again restarting pressing F8 or according to your system go in Safe Mode. In Safe Mode your windows will start easily.
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Deactivate your Windows XP with XP Deactivator

Are you bored with your current Windows XP because of license information of it? Do you want to change your Activation Key? You feel that it is not possible without Reinstallation of XP or you are finding any software like Windows XP Key Changer then you are wrong because you can easily change XP key without reinstallation of it. This tool is called as XP Deactivator.
After downloading and Installing XP Deactivator we can easily deactivate of our current XP key and it remove key from the Registry Memory. XP Deactivator just remove XP license file from the system so we can change or add another product key without formatting it. It is completely free and easy to use tool.
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Friday, July 2, 2010

How to Write Protect your USB Pen Drive

Sometimes it is become compulsory to make write protection of flash drive because when we use our pen drive in colleges or cyber cafe many I problems come. In colleges and cyber cafe, computer is universal so we should keep our flash drives protection rather than information on computer viruses. This is below post "How to protect your pen drive or any flash drive from any infection".
First Read This Note:

1. By applying this trick you will write protect or encrypt your usb pen drive so in future when you will not do any file transfer from it until you disable this write protection.

2. If you don't know much about registry editing then Back Up Your Registry Using Regedit.

3. For doing this you must take right to Administer.
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