Friday, July 2, 2010

How to Write Protect your USB Pen Drive

Sometimes it is become compulsory to make write protection of flash drive because when we use our pen drive in colleges or cyber cafe many I problems come. In colleges and cyber cafe, computer is universal so we should keep our flash drives protection rather than information on computer viruses. This is below post "How to protect your pen drive or any flash drive from any infection".
First Read This Note:

1. By applying this trick you will write protect or encrypt your usb pen drive so in future when you will not do any file transfer from it until you disable this write protection.

2. If you don't know much about registry editing then Back Up Your Registry Using Regedit.

3. For doing this you must take right to Administer.
Steps to Write Protect Your Pen Drive:

1. First go Start >> Run and type regedit and press enter. So Registry Editor will open.

2. Navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE >> SYSTEM >> CurrentControlSet >> Control

3. Now in Control find "StorageDevicePolicies". (Note: If it is not present then create it by right clicking "Control" >> New >> Key and name it StorageDevicePolicies)
4. Right click on key which you created in step 3 and click New >> DWORD value and give name "WriteProtect".
5. At the Last right click on WriteProtect and click Modify and change value 0 to 1.

(If StorageDevicePolicies is available then you will see this WriteProtect in right side of the window so just by right clicking on it and modify the value 0 to 1)

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