Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Set your own Named Google Logo and Background

In the world Google is most used Search engine. I open Google homepage in day many times. Sometimes you have seen in Google Homepage that it changes its Google logo in different style on special day like on Fifa World Cup starting day its logo was like Fifa 2010's symbol. You also sometimes wish in mind that can I place My Logo on my Google homepage. Then your solution is here. I will give you tips how to make your text logo on Google homepage.
It impossible with some online sites that gives us specialty to change Google Logo in own text like name.
Change Google Logo With These Sites:
  • With Google Logo: (
  • With Buzzisearch: (
Here given both sites function is same, by using these sites you can change Google logo with your name and it is not in simple text but it provides good animated words also. You can also set it as your Homepage. So enjoy.
Change your Google Page Background with Text:
  • With Mcsearcher: (
  • With Sleeksearch: (
With Mcsearcher you can upload your own photo to set background and by Sleeksearch we can set background from already provided in this site.
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