Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Deactivate your Windows XP with XP Deactivator

Are you bored with your current Windows XP because of license information of it? Do you want to change your Activation Key? You feel that it is not possible without Reinstallation of XP or you are finding any software like Windows XP Key Changer then you are wrong because you can easily change XP key without reinstallation of it. This tool is called as XP Deactivator.
After downloading and Installing XP Deactivator we can easily deactivate of our current XP key and it remove key from the Registry Memory. XP Deactivator just remove XP license file from the system so we can change or add another product key without formatting it. It is completely free and easy to use tool.
Suppose by using this tool you deactivated your Windows XP now you can also recover it by also the same tool. To activate again it just you click on Activate >> Change Product Key. You do this after deactivation. So you can add now Activation key for your OS.

It's is very small sized application and simple. (Requirement of this tool is .Net Framework 3.5 so first install it)

Download XP Deactivator From Here: ( )

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Shanmugam said...

Useful post...

People are also looking to deactivate Windows on a machine so that they can activate it in another computer.. But they will have to call Microsoft if they want to:

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