Saturday, September 17, 2011

How to Access Blocked Websites(Facebook,Twitter & Orkut) in Schools and Offices

Sometimes when students go their computer lab in schools or colleges for surfing the Internet then they can not open blocked websites like Facebook, Orkut and Twitter. This same case happens also in Offices.This is only because of that system admin blocked these websites and without their permission you can not access these blocked websites like Facebook, orkut and Twitter.
But do you want to access these websites easily without making any changes? Then you can easily surf Facebook and Orkut.It is very simple and possible using Proxy. Using of proxy means use someone else network connection on your computer system. Because your computer's system admin blocked these social networking sites so using proxy we can surf it without getting any error.
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Useful Proxy Sites
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Saturday, September 10, 2011

How to Block Spam EMails and Get Rid of Them

block spam emails and get rid of spam emails
We all hate spam or undesirable junk emails on our mail ids. This spam is very annoying byproduct of Internet world. Sometimes we thought that why we get Spam junk emails and How to Block Spam Emails? But these spam emails we are getting only because of spreading our email IDs on the internet.
This is simple truth that more our email address spreads on the Internet then more chances to fill our Spam folder by junk emails. Here is some guidance how to get rid of spam mails. I can not perfectly say that it will prevent from getting to spam emails.
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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Most Economical Laptop in India- Lenovo

In last two to three years demand of Laptops is increasing and due to competition of various Laptop maker companies like Dell,HP,Lenovo,Acer,Samsung,Sony etc are also increasing.So companies are making low and low price laptops with best feature to attract customer.Here is Lenovo low price laptop which will sure fit in your budget.This Lenovo low price laptop is Rated 3 in Top Ten Business Laptop List on PC World.This Lenovo ThinkPad SL510 price is less than $ 1000. This Laptop provides battery backup life up to 5 hours.It is upgraded with Enhanced experience of Windows 7 so that it gives very speedy booting and shutdown timing.It has Face recognition feature which can be used for Secure laptop login.
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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

How to Install Windows 7 From USB Drive without Windows 7 ISO DVD

install windows without cd/dvd drive
Generally we install our WIndows Operating system from CD/DVD drives but when we have not CD/DVD drive available and want to install Windows operating system without CD/DVD drive like me then here is the solution for install windows from usb/falsh drive.Because today i installed windows 7 without CD drive.Generally we think that installing Windows 7/Windows XP without DVD ROM is impossible but Install Windows without CD/DVD drive (ISO DVD/CD)is easy and procedure for installing Winows from UDB drive is like Pen drive.
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Sunday, September 4, 2011

How To Save Scanned Documents as a PDF File (WinScan2PDF 1.10)

Direct PDF converter for Scanned Documents
Some days ago i have published article on how to copy text words from image file.Now i am going to post article on save your scanned images or documents in PDF file directly with WinScan2PDF.
This WinScan2PDF is very compact size and portable application which allows us to scan the specific document or image as PDF file in your computer.In this process you do not have to edit scanned document because it is directly save into PDF format rather than photo.
This is very user friendly application for scanning and document management.WinScan2PDF software saves our time because it directly convert scanned document in PDF format.
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Saturday, September 3, 2011

Convert Video, Audio, Document, Image and other files online with Converterfiles

For the viewing audio and video purpose there is lots of formats are available for sounds,video and for documents.Each format is used for specific purpose.Sometimes we need convert one file into other format easily as we want.
Nowadays on the Internet you can find lots of media format converter software.But, apart from this media converter softwares there are lots of online based services site which convert files online and it is called free online media converter.Now we are going to discussing online web service tool by which you can convert files in any format and works like document converter,video converter and audio converter.This online web service tool is ConverterFiles.
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Facebook Security Guide to keep your account Safe

These days on the Internet SocialNetwork sites are very popular and Facebook is giant and most used. So Facebook paid attention of many hackers from all around the world.
Thus knowing this recently Facebook have recently launched a new Facebook security Setting guide for FB users. The aim of this Facebook Security Guide is on how to protect Facebook account against hacking. his security guide is in PDF format in 14 pages.It contains various points like,
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Thursday, September 1, 2011

How to Get Your Old Facebook Chat Window

Before some days ago Facebook automatically updated FB users’ chatbox so people are confusing to see their online friends and sometimes all the online friends are not correctly showing. So here is the solution of to get again Facebook old ChatBox Window. So just follow this step for Facebook old ChatBox Window. This is one script and this script is created by ENZYME( You can get this just installing this extension in your browser

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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Free Nokia Mobile Unlock Code Generator Tool (World Unlock V4.4)

Fastricks Unlock Code Genrerator
Sometimes we bring mobile phones from any foreign country and get it. But its software is based on the according to that country from where you bought so it needs to be unlocked. Mobile phone unlock can be done by many softwares available. From this phone unlocking softwares here is good and reliable mobile phone unlocking software is World Unlock Code Calculator v4.4 t10.

World Unlock Code Calculator is absolutely free software for unlocking mobile phones. It can be called Unlock Security Code Generator calculator. This application supports many mobile bands companies like Nokia, Vitel, Maxel, Panasonic, Siemens, LG, AEG, Samsung and Motorola cell phones. It is user friendly unlock code generator for your mobile phone. World Unlock Code Calculator (Generator) is used for different brands of mobile phones like Nokia, Vitel, Maxel, Panasonic, Siemens, LG, AEG, Samsung and Motorola. It also include MasterCode Calculator for your mobile and reset your Nokia Mobile phone security code if you lost in past.
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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Secret Codes for Nokia Mobiles

Especially in India, most of the people use Nokia mobile phones because its simplicity and user friendly function. Nokia mobile phones run on the Symbian Base operating System platform. In symbian platform different types of version comes like S40, S60 and now in Smart phones Symbian Anna upgraded. For the entire mobile maker company has its coding philosophy. So here is the details of Secret codes for Nokia mobiles which will become really helpful to you.
1. If you want to know your IMEI number (International Mobile Equipment Identity) then its secret code is: *#06#
2. For Reset Factory Setting: *#7780#
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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

How to Shutdown Remote PC with DOS Command

When we are beginner in operating remotely connected pc or networking then after some learning in our mind one question comes that how to remotely shutdown a windows computer? Because it is very useful for Networking. Then here is your solution.This post tells you how to remotely shutdown or restart your computer with command prompt using commands.
With the help of Remote Shut down dialog box you can quickly or after some time shutdown or restart or log off your computer easily. Now first,
How to open Remote Shutdown Dialogue box?
  • First you go to “run” command in Start menu.
  • Type “cmd” in run prompt and click enter.
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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Facebook to Launch "Awesome Feature" Soon

In these days every Internet user is talking about Google's new service Google Plus. It is very interesting social network. Google Plus is competing Facebook very fast. Because we know that after 2004 on the Social Network site people has disease of Facebook Addiction. After launching of Google Plus, Facebook is thinking to add some special feature in Facebook because without up gradation in FB it will become like Orkut.
So Facebook's founder Mark Zukerberg said to the reporters that in their Seattle office our engineers are planning to launch "Something Awesome Next Week". But this is not clear that what they will launch the awesome feature in Facebook. But people are guessing many more that which will easily user friendly by mobiles and tablets also.
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Saturday, July 2, 2011

How to Drag People To Your Facebook Lists With Circle Hack

To compete popular social network site Facebook, Google launched new social network Google+. It’s one of the amazing and killer feature is that we can drag people of world to a plus circle easily. So in future we can follow and share any information with them easily.
The feature of Google+ plus is so cool for adding someone in our Facebook lists. So for dragging people in your Facebook lists there is online website which is absolutely free and it is Circle Hack.
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Friday, July 1, 2011

Best 5 Search Extensions for Chrome Browser

World’s most popular search engine “Google” has its own famous browser Google Chrome. It comes with many features like Firefox and it has also Speech Input feature for web world searching in Chrome browser. Meaning of this feature is that we can search Google by making voice or speech in our Chrome browser directly without adding any other extensions.
But sometimes we need to search on the Yahoo, Bing, Amazon, Guruji etc sites by making voice then we have following best Five Voice Search Extensions for Chrome.
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Image Picker: Download All Images of Webpage By Single Click

If you are fond of downloading images on the internet then sometimes in your mind think that all the images of the page download without any difficulty one by one in order. Generally we download image from any website by right click >>save image as. It is very boring job for downloading all images from website because we should have to do in this repeatedly one by one.
So if you want to download all images from website by one click then Firefox browser user can download these images easily with the add-on of Firefox called Image Picker. We can also tell it Firefox Image Downloader. This adds on extension of Firefox gives you to save single images or multiple image of the webpage. For adding this extension you just download Image Picker add-on from Firefox Website or integrate from it. After integrating for downloading images right click anywhere on the webpage and then select option Pick Images
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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Protect Private files in without Encryption Software

Last time i have told about lock file without Encryption Software. Now we talk one more step of file change. sometimes you think about encryption of your private video files and documents.On the Internet lots of encryption software are available but many times it is also not so much helpful. Here I will give you very fantastic trick to hide your private files. In this trick you don't have to hide your folder not encrypt it but you only have to do change your file extension and that's It.

In this trick you just have to change the file extension and to change the file you have to follow this procedure.


1. Go to in My Computer.

2. Then click on Tools in menu bar.
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