Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Protect Private files in without Encryption Software

Last time i have told about lock file without Encryption Software. Now we talk one more step of file change. sometimes you think about encryption of your private video files and documents.On the Internet lots of encryption software are available but many times it is also not so much helpful. Here I will give you very fantastic trick to hide your private files. In this trick you don't have to hide your folder not encrypt it but you only have to do change your file extension and that's It.

In this trick you just have to change the file extension and to change the file you have to follow this procedure.


1. Go to in My Computer.

2. Then click on Tools in menu bar.
3. Click on Folder Options.
4. In Folder Options click on View Tab.
5. In view tab un-tick Hide Extensions for known file types.
6. Then click ok.

7. After clicking ok you will see that song will be in at the end .mp3, video will be at the end .avi or .vob or .mp4.

7. Now go to the file which you want to change.

8. Select file which you want to change and rename it now.

10. When you are going to rename, just change file extension. Suppose you want to change video file in exe for encryption then just change .avi to .exe then its symbol will be changed and it will become setup file. If you want to change .avi to text then change it from .avi to .txt then its symbol will become like text file it will become text file.

11. After changing your file then again go to Tools >> Folder Option >> View and again tick Hide Extensions for known file types so all extension will be hidden.

If you want to change again extension for to make original file then again follow 1 to 10 steps.

By this simple trick you can make great difference in files and no one can think about that it can be video file or etc. So you can keep your data safe from other people. 
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