Friday, October 8, 2010

Short Your Favorite URL with Google URL Shortener

Today's in Technological World use of Internet is Increasing Daily and Daily. On the Internet daily thousands of new blogs and sites are coming. So it is very difficult to remember our favorite category sites. So in these days popularity of URL Shortening Services is very increasing.

Today on the Internet there are many Free URL Shortening services
like Bit.Ly, Tinyurl.con,,, etc. So lots of free url shortener site are available on internet. Google URL Shortener is one of them and it is recently launched. This is similar to other url shortening services and it is also absolutely free to use.
Free Solution-My Blog's Shortened URL Image

How to Use Google URL Shortener
The use of Google url shortener is very very simple. To use the Google Website Shortening services you have to go Google URL Shortening Services. Then just enter your site name and enter so you will see there you site's shortening url on the right side of the page.

You can your url/site shortening history by login into your Google. When you will sign in Google then on this site they will show you how many site had been shortened by you All time, Month, Week, Day and Two Hours bases.
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