Tuesday, July 6, 2010

How to Solve Computer’s Out of Range Screen Resolution

Yesterday when I connected my friends CPU on my Monitor then it shows that "Out of Range Frequency". According to me it becomes because of widescreen monitor resolution and the problem was that. I tried much more on the Internet how to solve this problem after all I found it. I think this problem become when we connect monitor to other. The solution of it is very simple. Just follow the steps.

Simple Steps of Solution:

1. While you start the PC and you can nothing see on display or frequency error in normal starting mode then again restarting pressing F8 or according to your system go in Safe Mode. In Safe Mode your windows will start easily.

2. So first is start in Safe Mode.

3. If it is not work then start your windows in Last Known Good Configuration. If it starts then your problem solved.

4. Above two tips not work then System Restore option will sure work. Restore your system in System Restore so your monitor will get start.

(NOTE: Don't try to change your Screen Resolution which not supports your Monitor)
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