Saturday, September 10, 2011

How to Block Spam EMails and Get Rid of Them

block spam emails and get rid of spam emails
We all hate spam or undesirable junk emails on our mail ids. This spam is very annoying byproduct of Internet world. Sometimes we thought that why we get Spam junk emails and How to Block Spam Emails? But these spam emails we are getting only because of spreading our email IDs on the internet.
This is simple truth that more our email address spreads on the Internet then more chances to fill our Spam folder by junk emails. Here is some guidance how to get rid of spam mails. I can not perfectly say that it will prevent from getting to spam emails.

Spam Protection Tips

1. If you are getting lots of spam messages on your mail address and you have mail ids of Gmail,Yahoo and Hotmail then these email providers have Spam Protection Option by default.But if you are using other providers mail ids then they are not provided with Spam Protection Option. Sometimes for spam protection they take charge for it or not provided.
2. If you are forum user and subscribed newsletter than you should make other new mail id for that. You should not give your personal mail id for that type of usage. Keep your original mail id only for family and professional work.
3. This is important point because generally you write your mail id on forum or any chat box like You should not write your email address like this because when you write mail address then spam robots which crawls web will understand that the email with "@" in it. So you should write your mail address like yourname(at) because any human can easily understand this but spam robots crawl don't understand.

Spam Filters

1. By default in Yahoo and Gmail have Spam Folders option.But some providers have not this name folder so you should make New Folder and name it Spam or what you want to give.
2. You can create filtering in emails so Spam Emails directly redirect to the Spam Folder.This filtering is done very easily because most of the spam emails have not recipient by name.
3. If you are getting lots of spam emails from any company like cosmetic products then filter can be easily done. Just click on create a filter and make a rule. Suppose email body contains letter cosmetic, then move this email to Spam making rule. You can also make the rule that it directly delete this mail instead of moving in Spam Folder.


You must not reply spam emails.If these emails provides link to Unsubscribe then also you should not click on it because this will not delete your mail id from their list but they will confirm that mail id is valid.
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Anonymous said...

I do love Gmail mainly due to the spam filtering. I can post my email any where on the web and it doesn't matter as all spam is caught.

Not even I get a lot of spam because of that, I have two accounts, one public and one private, and my private one still gets loads of spam despite only a select few people have it (you can count on your fingers).

I recently moved all my girlfriend's accounts to gmail (using POP) and she has noticed the differences straight away (and loves having all her emails in one place!)

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