Thursday, September 1, 2011

How to Get Your Old Facebook Chat Window

Before some days ago Facebook automatically updated FB users’ chatbox so people are confusing to see their online friends and sometimes all the online friends are not correctly showing. So here is the solution of to get again Facebook old ChatBox Window. So just follow this step for Facebook old ChatBox Window. This is one script and this script is created by ENZYME( You can get this just installing this extension in your browser

How to get Old ChatBox Window?

1. Just go to ENZYME in new tab.
Facebook old Chatbox Window Recover

2. Click on Install button which you can see top of the right corner window.
3. After successful installing this script extension just logout your Facebook account, close your browser and again restart it.
4. Now open your browser, login to Facebook account and now you can see your old FB Chatbox Window.

Note: This extension is successfully installed in my Firefox 5,Opera 11.5 and Google Chrome 13 browser.
For installing this extension just go to Tools then Extensions and click on Facebook Sidebar Chat Reversion and uninstall it.
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