Saturday, August 27, 2011

Secret Codes for Nokia Mobiles

Especially in India, most of the people use Nokia mobile phones because its simplicity and user friendly function. Nokia mobile phones run on the Symbian Base operating System platform. In symbian platform different types of version comes like S40, S60 and now in Smart phones Symbian Anna upgraded. For the entire mobile maker company has its coding philosophy. So here is the details of Secret codes for Nokia mobiles which will become really helpful to you.
1. If you want to know your IMEI number (International Mobile Equipment Identity) then its secret code is: *#06#
2. For Reset Factory Setting: *#7780#
3. For clearing LCD display of mobile (change operator logo): *#67705646#
4. Software version secret code: *#0000#
5. Bluetooth device Address code: *#2820#
6. Allowed Status of Sim Clock code: *#746025625#
7. If SIM has some restrictions then it will show you this secret code: #pw+1234567890+1#
    This is great Nokia Secret code which will open menu and in this following information comes,
    Display Serial Number
    1.Month and year of Manufacture of Nokia model.
    3.If available then it will display mobile’s date when phone model purchased.
    4. (If entered) Displays last date of mobile repair.
    5. Show the life timer of phone model.
8. If you are well known about EFR codec (Enhanced Full Rate Codec) then for activating it this secret code will work for it. By activating EFR, mobile phone’s signal strength capability increases. Its benefit comes in that area where signal problem come and it will also help in GPRS use.( The limitation of this secret code of EFR is that consumes more battery power). This secret code is *#3370#
9. For deactivating this EFR codec enter *#3370*. Mobile will automatically restart.
10. *#4720# code for activation of Half Rate Codec.
11. *#4720* for deactivating Half Rate Codec. Phone will automatically restart.
12. If you forgot the pass code or wallet code of your nokia S60 nokia mobile phone this use this code for reset it: *#7370925538#
(After entering this code on display it will be asked for enter lock code. By default ways give it 12345)
I hope that all these Secret Codes for Nokia Mobiles will help you.
(All the codes are checked. Use this code at you own risk.)

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