Friday, July 1, 2011

Best 5 Search Extensions for Chrome Browser

World’s most popular search engine “Google” has its own famous browser Google Chrome. It comes with many features like Firefox and it has also Speech Input feature for web world searching in Chrome browser. Meaning of this feature is that we can search Google by making voice or speech in our Chrome browser directly without adding any other extensions.
But sometimes we need to search on the Yahoo, Bing, Amazon, Guruji etc sites by making voice then we have following best Five Voice Search Extensions for Chrome.
1. Oweb Voice Input Extension
Oweb Voice Input Extension for Google Chrome

Oweb Voice Input voice extension supported with world’s 30 languages. It includes English, Chinese, Japanese and many more. We can select one of them and active for voice search facility automatic/manually.

2. Speechify

  As name suggest that we can search by voice. After installed this Speechify, this extension will show us icon of microphone.

3. Voice In
Voice IN Search Extension of Chrome

Voice in feature is generally also called as Add Speech Before. Voice In extension is much better than Add Speech because it only allows search by voice on Google but not allow for Bing.

4. Voice Input
Voice Input Extension

This Voice input feature is only support English language. Other language voice is not allowed. Other is same as Speechify.

5. Voice Search
Voice Search Extension

This Voice Search extension supported with two languages and there are English and Russian.

Note: According to me and my experience out of five them Oweb Voice Input is good to use.

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