Sunday, June 27, 2010

Install New Hidden Windows 7 Themes

Are you looking for new additional new themes for your Windows 7 then here I will give you tips which is not require to download these themes online but it hidden in your Windows 7's Windows folder. To see these hidden themes you don't need much hard work. I am giving you just few simple steps to activate hidden themes.
Procedure to Activate Hidden Themes of Windows 7:
1. First step is Open your My Computer. In My Computer you can see Organize tab to left site at top. Click on Organize button.
2. In Organize click on Folder and Search Option. Click on View Tab. In View Tab, in Hide and Folders select Show hidden files, folders and drives.3. After selected show hidden files go to Start button on desktop and select Run. In Run type C:\Windows\Globalization\MCT.(Other Option: In My Computer, type C:\Windows\Globalization\MCT in address bar)
4. After typing and entering new window will open with Five Folders. In these folders you will find your hidden themes.
5. Now step by step open each folder separately and in each folder you will find theme folder
click on it and it will automatically installed.
6. Step by step do this for all five folders and install your hidden themes.
7. This is photo in which you can see My Themes which were hidden but now I have installed by this way.

Enjoy with these new themes like me and give your valuable opinion about this idea. How you like!
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